Application of ultra-high-pressure water jetting
in industrial cleaning

In production, severe contamination or soiling frequently occurs which must be cleaned at regular intervals or during plant shutdowns. Product residues, dirt, lime and rust build up in pipes, production lines, tanks, boilers and heat exchangers. Often, chemical processes and thermal effects create stubborn crusting and baked-on residues which are difficult to remove.

One of the great advantages of ultra-high-pressure water jetting is that it does not involve additives or solvents. The special equipment transports the water at such a high pressure that systems are cleaned evenly and without leaving any traces. The water that drains off can be collected, treated if necessary and disposed of.

UHP water jetting ensures residue-free cleaning which extends cleaning intervals and reduces downtimes.

Industrial cleaningIndustrial cleaning
Cleaning a suction roll
A hand lance was used to gently remove paper residues and lime without any application of additives