Manual UHP WJ concrete removal with hand lance

The advantage of concrete removal with a hand lance is the high flexibility. A hand lance can be used almost anywhere. The different pump performance rates of 125–150 kW, 23–40 l/min. and 1,200–3,000 bar enable concrete removal work at almost any depth.

Hand lances are very effective for everything from delicate, very thin removal up to large-area and deep removal. They can break off whole concrete elements while leaving the steel reinforcement undamaged and without generating vibrations or structure-borne sound. Even in the case of severe fluctuations in substance, e.g. concrete quality, degree of damage or reinforcement density, we achieve perfect results with our hand lances.

When treating large areas with robots, we additionally use hand lances to work on the edges and corners.

Hand lances allow individual adjustment of the blasting result to achieve the required appearance of the concrete.