Machine park

The different application areas and requirements in ultra-high-pressure water jetting demand a wide spectrum of technical equipment. Crucial aspects are the necessary pump power, the appropriate tools and accessories, plus the space available and access conditions on site.

To manage all eventualities, our machine park includes multiple models in all common performance classes and various types. All units are equipped with noise protection. For construction sites in sensitive areas, we can use additional sound absorbers and rust particle filters.

Small trailer bodies for hand lance operation and industrial cleaning. Sprinter towing vehicle.
125–140 kW, 23–35 l/min, 1200–3000 bar

Towing vehicle with pump max. 12 m

Pumps installed in roll-off containers or containers on trailers for heavy-duty concrete removal with robots, and for industrial cleaning.
Towing and transport vehicles 40-ton trucks.
330–500 kW, 130–250 l/min., 1,200–2,000 bar

max. 6 m x 2.40 m to 7.5 m x 2.60 m

Large trailer bodies for hand lance operation, surface treatment machines for substrate preparation and industrial cleaning.
Towing vehicles 7.5-ton trucks and pumps installed in 7.5-ton trucks.
160–180 kW, 28–40 l/min., 2,000–3,000 bar

Fully automated, radio remote controlled removal robot. The hydraulic drive is provided optionally by an electric motor or a diesel engine.

Surface treatment systems, special designs and special accessories for extreme heights, extreme slopes, bridge undersides, vertical bridge consoles, underwater removal, narrow rooms and industry.
aqua cutter 710V XL_1