What is UHP WJ?

  • Mechanical UHP WJ with removal machines
  • UHP WJ with hand lance jetting
  • Use of flexible or rotating tools for cleaning tanks and pipes

Various nozzle tools are available for a wide range of applications – from cleaning to coating and paint stripping to lacquer stripping plus substrate preparation right up to concrete removal..

Our mechanical UDP WJ systems use pump powers of up to 500 kW, flow rates of up to 250 l/min. and operating pressures of up to 3,000 bar. The recoil forces of the devices are safely absorbed. The various jetting parameters such as operating pressure, travel speed, motion type and nozzle shape are adjusted to the jetting result you want and programmed on the machine. This significantly increases the area performance or cubic volume of the removal.

When it comes to concrete removal, entire concrete elements can be removed hydro-dynamically and vibration-free while the entire steel reinforcement is preserved. The high pressure of the water jet separates the damaged concrete from the undamaged core concrete, leaving the remaining structural part completely free of any mechanical, thermal or chemical impairment. Working with the hand lance is possible almost anywhere with high quality, efficient results.

Cleaning with UHP WJ removes coatings, crusting and contamination without leaving any residues. Oil carbon and resin deposits are completely removed – without any chemicals or abrasives. Water-jetting surfaces protects them for longer from new deposits, so you benefit from longer cleaning intervals.

Similarly, there’s no need for additives in substrate preparation or rubber removal. The material removed, including dust, is suspended in the water and can be channeled off or collected in a controlled way.