Use of ultra-high-pressure water jetting for substrate preparation

This process prepares surfaces so they offer an optimal substrate for further processing. UHP WJ is used to:

Clean and

Remove, decoat
and strip


Remove material


For cleaning and washing, surfaces are gently jetted with a low water pressure. This leaves coarse, open-pore and structured surfaces very clean without altering their character.

Coatings are often surprisingly difficult to remove. This depends on the substrate and the type of coating. Over time, external influences as well as ageing can significantly alter coatings and paint. UHP WJ with a hand lance or with suitable surface cleaners is ideal for removing coatings without damaging the steel or concrete underneath. What’s more, this method requires no chemical solvents or additives.

An even blasting result is usually a condition for roughened surfaces. Hand lances or surface treatment devices achieve this very effectively. They reliably create the required bonding value and roughness depths.

Substrate removal is possible to all removal depths. The decision on whether to use mechanical or manual UHP WJ depends on the requirements for the stripped surface, the removal depth and the ease of access to the object.