Mechanical UHP WJ for concrete removal with a robot

Clearly, the advantages of mechanical concrete removal are the safe and cost-effective application of high pump performance.

For performance classes of 200 –500 kW, 30–250 l/min. and 1,200–2,500 bar, we exclusively use machine-guided nozzles. The robots safely absorb recoil forces. The nozzle motion is matched to the required blasting result and is implemented with high precision at every speed.

Our robot specialists continuously adjust the settings of the individual blasting parameters to the surface properties, e.g.
  • Operating pressure
  • Travel speed
  • Motion type
  • Nozzle tool

The robot then automatically moves over the specified surfaces. The removal area of the robot features a protective device. This contains the removed material within a limited space, which considerably reduces the amount of work required for covering the work area. The activity radius of the robot is 360°. Generally, our robots remove material on floors, walls and ceilings up to a height of 8 meters. Additional equipment is also available to extend this reach.

Using removal robots massively reduces construction time for large projects. This minimizes the costs caused by traffic restrictions in road and bridge building, closures of multi-storey carparks or production stoppages.

Concrete removal by robot in a tunnel